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The source of textile. About Shizuoka Prefecture

Shizuoka prefecture, where our company is located, is a region about 200 km west far away from Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Shizuoka is in an important transportation hub called Tokaido and various industries have been flourished for a long time.
Shizuoka has been a source of cotton and has naturally a history which the textile industry has been grown mainly as a source of textiles.

"Honda", "Yamaha", and "Suzuki" are worldwide companies born in Shizuoka. However it is not very well known that these foundations began with loom motor. That's why there are many motor companies which have their headquarters in Shizuoka as well as Yamaha and Suzuki.

The textile industry in Shizuoka has not been major which used to be before, but many people and companies still are involved in the textile industry even now.
Our company provides you the production made by our regional textiles in different way from what is used to be.